Wally (Ontario)

I would encourage anyone who plans to write the CKE to attend the workshop and to utilize the workbook!.

Mary (Ontario)

The workshops really gave me the opportunity to meet with several study groups and brainstorm through the examples. It’s a real advantage to learn from everyone’s experiences.

Tracy (Manitoba)

Thank you so much for your support while I was working towards my CHRP designation. I believe the CHRP has definitely helped me be more credible and respected as a strategic partner in our organization.

 Maxime (New Brunswick)

Thank you again for your help and guidance prior to my writing the NKE. Your advice was very helpful, especially considering the short period of time I had to prepare myself. The self-study guide has been a very good tool in getting ready for the NKE. The guide is very practical and it really helped me understand the type of questions that would be asked and prepare myself accordingly. The practicality is such that I have already used it multiple times at work and will keep using it as a reference guide throughout my professional life. It provides very applicable tools that can be easily adapted to “real life”. The 300 question supplement completes the study-guide very well. The fact that the guide and questions forced me to do my own research was very beneficial.

Tracy (Saskatchewan)

The NKE Study Guide was a great study reference for me.

Irene (Ontario)

I would like to take this opportunity to give thanks to Canadian HR Press for providing the study guides and workshops this past year. I found them to be extremely valuable, especially the workshops. I know I would probably not have received my CHRP designation without your services. Please accept my sincerest appreciation for addressing the needs of today’s HR Professional so succinctly.

Sonia (Ontario)

I took the CHRP exam and found the workshop invaluable. It really was good to share the time with other HR professionals and the workshop allowed me to get focused on the areas that I was weaker in.

Jill (Ontario)

I wrote the CHRP Exam and I did pass. I found the study guide a great help. I don’t think I would have passed the exam without the study guide.

Sarah-Jane, CHRP

I purchased your study guides for both the National Knowledge Exam. I was very impressed with the guide and feel that it really assisted me in my exam preparation. The multiple choice questions and case studies provided were an excellent resource and really helped to orient me to the style of the exams.

Martha (Ontario)

The study guide was a real help – and I valued attending the training seminar.

Karen (British Columbia)

I found that the Study Guide and Workshop were the key factors for me successfully passing the exam and obtaining my CHRP designation. The methodology that was discussed throughout the Study Guide and Workshop were invaluable to my study preparation. I would highly recommend both resources to anyone who is writing this exam.

Steve (Ontario)

The Study Guide was very helpful as was the workshop that I attended. I would encourage anyone who plans to write the exams to attend the workshop and to utilize the workbook!

Nicole (Alberta)

I just wanted to take this opportunity to say a HUGE “Thank You” for the NKE Study Guide and practice questions. I would never have passed the exam without them. The study guide did an excellent job of outlining and detailing the Required Professional Capabilities. As well, the study guide helped me to identify the areas where I needed to do some additional reading and studying and then provided me with lists of recommended reading. I passed the exam with an 87%. The National Average was 73%. Obviously the methods that I used were effective and I just wanted to say Thank-You so much for providing such valuable resources. The material was well worth the cost and I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend it to anyone preparing to write the NKE.


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