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650 page Study Guide for the HR Knowledge Exams leading to the CHRP and CHRL designations:CHRP_StudyGuide2023_Web-HiRes

  • Strategy
  • Professional Practice
  • Org Effectiveness (Engagement)
  • Planning and Talent management
  • Labour and Employee Relations
  • Total Rewards
  • Learning and Development
  • Occupational Health, Safety and Wellness
  • HR Metrics, Reporting and Finance
  • Over 380 sample questions
  • Glossary of terms

The Study Guide for the HR Knowledge Exams is a required textbook for colleges in Ontario

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Your guide to exam success in Ontario:

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The Ontario Knowledge Exams – What you need to know:

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HR Law

HR LAW Exam Prep material now available!

HR Law Exam Prep Package

Our HR Law Exam study package includes Updated (2020) The Ontario Employment Law Handbook + Employment Standards Q&A book and our Online Assessment Tool.

The Handbook is a practical interpretation of Ontario employment laws, including: The Employment Standards Act, 2000;  Employment Contracts; Termination; Benefits, Vacation and Hours of Work; Accommodation; Sale of a Business; Trade Unions; The Occupational Health and Safety Act; Pay Equity;  Privacy and more. The Guide will help you to interpret and apply knowledge related to Employment Law and is equally valid for BOTH the  Employment Law 1 (Professional) and Employment Law 2 (Leader) exams.

The Online Assessment Tool is a test bank of 40 HR law multiple choice questions (including scenario based questions) that will allow you to test your knowledge and refine your exam prep efforts to target weaknesses.

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Why you need a Study Guide

Even if you were successful in your academic HR program, you should not rely solely on your text books as study resources. Those that use a variety of study tools will have a higher degree of success!

The content of the book is structured around the exam “knowledge verticals”, NOT your academic “knowledge verticals”. You likely haven’t taken a course in Professional Practice, Engagement, or Workforce Planning.  The Study Guide provides you with a comprehensive overview of the body of knowledge required for exam success, and the practice of Human Resource Management. This provides you with a one stop “Hub” that can then be used to explore other study resources, if needed.

Sample Multiple Choice Questions

There are over 500 sample questions in our Study Guide packages. Please be aware that they are not duplicates of actual exam questions. They are of equal difficulty (some say harder) then actual questions, and they have been developed by both academics and practitioners.

ALL actual test items are held in strict security and are not shared with ANY vendor of exam prep products – not even those offered by HR Associations. These items are the property of the examination bodies, and are retained and banked for use on future exams. Therefore, our products, and ANY other exam prep product, CANNOT specifically “teach to the test.” Why have PROFESSIONAL exams if you know what is going to be on them – that would test your memory, NOT your professional knowledge.