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exam prep product for the HR Exams!

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Order now for the 2024 HR exams!

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Please be aware that the 2023 Edition is the most recent Edition, and is VALID for the 2024 exams!





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CHRP_StudyGuide2023_Web-HiResOrder now for the 2024 Exams! Available in Google Play as an eBook.

The 2023 Edition is the most recent Edition and is valid for the 2024 exams. 

Study Guide for the Ontario Knowledge Exams and HR Law exams:

  • Ontario Knowledge Exam for the CHRP designation
  • Ontario Knowledge Exam for the CHRL designation
  • HR Law Exams for the CHRP and CHRL designations

Study Guide for the NKE exam:

  • Alberta
  • BC
  • Saskatchewan
  • Manitoba
  • Quebec
  • All Maritime Provinces

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We are Canada’s award winning, original and only supplier of hard copy study guides specifically designed for the Knowledge Exams leading to the Canadian HR certifications: CPHR, CHRP and CHRL.  Our Study Guides, and Workshops have been reviewed and approved by numerous recognized Canadian institutions. And nobody offers you more ways to study:

» self-study
» instructor-led workshops

ACADEMIC RESOURCES for:  HR Manager’s Guide to Managing Information Systems, 2nd ed, December 2019

Mr. Turnbull is pleased to provide supporting materials to those Professors and Lecturers who want to consider using this book as a learning tool.  Register for no charge access to Powerpoint slides and Test banks.  Complete the requested information and you will receive a return email with a Password to access the materials.”

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