How to Use Social Media for Learning – FREE Webinar for Professionals

How to Use Social Media for Learning
Occurred: April 24, 2013 1:00pm Eastern

It’s time to take your training into the 21st century. Provide more value to learners by seamlessly incorporating cost-effective (some free!) social platforms into already established and tested curriculum. Take a walk through an online collaborative workspace (wiki) and enable collaboration between learners in the “life after training” that social media so easily allows.

Join us for this free webinar.  Your host, Jerry Allocca, is an instructor, mentor and award-winning digital marketer. He specializes in leveraging today’s most valuable interactive technologies to help people stay engaged and connected.

During this interactive webinar, Jerry will provide easy-to-understand insights on:

  • Real-world, practical advice on the power — and pitfalls — of social media.
  • Easily leveraging the right social media tools to support learning during and after class.
  • What tools are important, and which are a waste of time.
  • A wiki walkthrough … and much more!

To access the archived webinar, please call Helen at 866-607-0876 x3 or email at with “free webinar” in the subject line along with your full contact details including name, title, company, email, phone and address.

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