Creating an Executive Development Strategy

Occurred: Tuesday, Sept 24, 2:00pm to 3:00pm EST

The best companies – those able to attract and retain superior talent all the way to the top of the organization – take a rigorous approach to executive development. They don’t assume that past performance is an indicator of future performance, especially in today’s rapidly changing business environment.

The results of Bersin & Associates recent study found that 20 percent of the companies surveyed offer no executive development, and less than half of the executives at these companies have development plans!

How, then, do these companies prepare capable successors at the executive level? In the absence of a defined strategy, many organizations leave this to chance and trial-by-fire.

Join us in our monthly free webinar series where Bob Delaney, President & CEO of Earning Through Learning will focus on:

  • Executive development defined: what it is and how it differs from leadership development.
  • Crucial factors and best practices for creating a successful executive development strategy.

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